4 Steps To Attract And Engage More Leads Through The Use Of Semalt's Dedicated SEO Dashboard

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  • Increase the number of your loyal customers by providing them with free and effective SEO analysis tools
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All this is feasible thanks to a single SEO tool: Dedicated SEO Dashboard.

In this article, I'll give you 4 strategic steps plan to develop a conversion funnel to your services. The purpose of this conversion funnel is to have a customer leave a service request. Let's see how to do it.

Step 1: Attract prospects to your website with the dedicated SEO Dashboard 

First of all, you must inform your potential customers about your site and the services provided. Use effective SEO / SMM tools and follow our recommendations in this article DSD Promotion Tips.

Powerful SEO Tools for Your Business

You can redirect your website visitors to the dedicated SEO dashboard in several ways.

CTA button

Place a call to action button on your website to forwarding each user who clicks on it to the dedicated SEO dashboard (depending on the given context and your objectives, it can be a home page or a specific service page).

Online form

Invite your visitors to check their ranking progress or perform a website audit by entering a domain in a specific form on your site. As soon as a user enters the URL of their website in the form and presses the button, the corresponding DSD page with the given domain should open.

Landing page

If you want to promote your SEO dashboard outside the main website, it makes sense to create a landing page dedicated to it.

Our website analytics page is a good example of such a landing page. Here you will find everything from a description of the available options to the benefits of the service. The needful elements of the landing page are the call to action buttons and online forms. They are required to redirect your website visitors to the SEO dashboard.

Make sure that the content you publish on a dedicated landing page is authentic. This fact is crucial for effective promotion on Google's SERP.

Use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to attract more leads

1. How to find prospects on Facebook

Social media groups are communities where people share information and help each other deal with different issues. Your task is to find a community whose predominant part includes your potential customers. Then, you simply communicate with them and propose practical solutions to their problems. You can search for them yourself or use our database of over 76,000 Facebook groups. Consider our Facebook Groups add-on.

2. How to find prospects on Twitter

Twitter is another platform for finding new possibility. Dozens of online companies have their official accounts on Twitter. Moreover, the topic of website promotion on Google is also one of the most popular here. Use the hashtags #SEO or #ecommerce to search for widely discussed trends. Be sure to answer users' questions on topics in your area of expertise and share the link to your SEO dashboard if necessary.

3. LinkedIn Network

Start by connecting people you already know. Then look at a list of people you may know in the "My Network" section and add them to your contacts. This way, you will gradually expand your network on LinkedIn. You can also use our database of over 65,000 active LinkedIn leads. Consider our LinkedIn Leads add-on module.

Stage 2: Implement sales encouraging triggers

As soon as potential customers open your site, you should start encouraging them to check out your dedicated SEO dashboard potential. Be sure to implement call to action buttons and online forms as the most effective way to leverage purchase intent. By using them, you will encourage your visitors to analyze their websites via the SEO dashboard.

Use stories as sales triggers

Plain, traditional ads no longer impress anyone. They attract our attention less and less and are mostly ignored. The situation is different with advertising in the form of storytelling, i.e. a marketing message in the form of a story. 

People love to hear different stories, so it's worth supporting them when we present our offer. We discussed this type of advertising in detail in one of the previous articles. 

Different stories can act as sales triggers because they help us arouse emotions in our audience. We can interest the listener not only with the product, but also with the process of its creation and the history of the people who contributed to its creation. 

If in this way we introduce ourselves as a brand with traditions, which in its operation is guided by certain values, we will have a chance to gain customers who will want to stay with us for longer with your dedicated SEO Dashboard.


Many of our activities are motivated by sheer curiosity. It happens that a certain situation arouses our interest, so we naturally want to experience it personally or simply gain more knowledge about a given topic.

There are times in sales when we don't have to tell the customer everything. It is not about keeping anything from him, but simply dosing information. There is no point in promoting our product with all your might. 

It will be much better to arouse the interest of the client because then he will want to convince himself of everything. For example, you can present the effects of using our solution, and there is a good chance that the customer will want to test it on his own.

Step 3: Show your prospects their weak points and propose the solution with the dedicated SEO Dashboard 

With the SEO dashboard, your customers can obtain the results of an SEO audit and ranking analysis, as well as verify the uniqueness of their content and the loading speed of their website. The complete analysis of the website will reveal its obvious weaknesses and technical problems. This data will encourage visitors to send you a request.

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is a meticulous analysis of your website in terms of meeting the criteria used by Google search engine robots.

Not only the correctness of the website implementation (code, structure, technology) is checked, but most of all the content saturation and quality, link profile and website visibility in organic search results for selected keywords.

An SEO audit is therefore an excellent introduction to further promotion of a website in Google through positioning.

Why is an SEO audit performed?

Every day, millions of users of Internet search engines search for products, services, information and knowledge - most often limiting their choice to the top 10 positions in the ranking. If, while searching for an item of interest to them, they come across your website, they can potentially become your customer, reader or fan. 

This is the reason why companies fight so much for the highest positions in the ranking among themselves: a supernal position will increase the number of customers, and in this regard will affect a higher profit. It doesn't depend on whether they are company websites with services, shops, news portals or blogs. Being outside the top ten is simply untapped business potential.

Regardless of whether you are just taking your first steps in your business on the Internet or running this business - the first step to your full business potential on the Internet is an SEO audit. 

If you have not started your business yet, the audit will allow you to find out what the Google algorithm paying attention when evaluating your website. This will make it easier for you to get acquainted with the basics of website positioning and understand the complexity of website optimization.

Stage 4: Client request

In the last step of the conversion funnel, your potential customer should be sent you a request for a free SEO consultation, request a callback, etc. Using a contact form, users will send you the requests directly via the SEO dashboard. All customer requests are available in your DSD administration panel and will be duplicated on your email.


This conversion funnel will help you to attract and engage more prospects interested in your services. With the help of your DSD control panel, you will be able to track and analyze their actions to improve your sales funnel.

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